About Kim & Pete

Hi there, we’re Kim and Pete. It’s awesome to meet you and we’re so glad you’ve found our little corner of the inter-webs and that you’re considering us for your wedding photography.

You’ll find us fun, easy going, relaxed and out for a good laugh… However, we do take our job seriously and we are throughly professional too.

Pete has been covering weddings forever and Kim is a capable and enthusiastic photographer too.

Needless to say we love photography and we really love the buzz of weddings too. We’d consider it a HUGE honour to be there on your big day.

Top ten facts about Kim and Pete

1.) We’re getting married too… Don’t ask us where or when though! We’ve explored getting married in Prague, a Tree house, the local church, you name it. Once we’ve decided where it will be, we’ll let you know.

2.) Both of us are mad keen on Star Wars. Yes, we seriously are. Kim even has some of her original figures from when she was a little girl, including Ewoks, a Storm-trooper and a Royal Guard. Pete’s mum gave his Star Wars collection to his little Nephew. We don’t talk about this.

3.) Kim is the Mario Kart champion of the whole world. Well, not quite, but she is really good and will happily challenge anyone to a game. (She can beat Pete hands down)

4.) We own a French Bulldog called Theo. He was the runt of the litter. He’s quite smelly. He snores loudly. We love him to death though!

5.) We also own a Tortoise called ‘H’. Kim had always wanted a Tortoise, ever since she was a little girl. Why ‘H’ you ask, are you Steps fans? Well… No. He’s called H, because in the pet shop he and his brothers were all labelled by the alphabet A through J. He was labelled H. It took us a few weeks to collect him, to make sure his habitat was ready. By the time we got him home, no other name would stick…

6.) Pete loves Porsches. He may mention it at some point, if you start speaking to him… Just smile and nod.

7.) You can often find us out on our Mountain bikes, tearing through the Forest. In fairness, we’re not fantastically fast and we don’t do those ridiculously scary jumps, but it’s a great way to spend a Sunday.

8.) Kim is a tea drinker, Pete is a coffee drinker.

9.) Pete has moved all over the place over the last 20 years… Kim has spent nearly her whole life living in one place. Now, we’re both very happy in Kim’s home town 🙂

10.) We love cheesy old movies and TV series… Think Krull, Nightbreed, Snowbeast, Knight Rider, V, The original Incredible Hulk series. Yes, we’re a bit sad, but we’re harmless 🙂

We’d love to meet you and get to know you before your big day. If you’d like to meet us, just get in contact.

Kim and Pete






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